Turning Archive 2006

Accidentally blue wood...

>I have been using iron sulphate (from paint store, that green powder) to ebonize wood, pine turns nicely grey, birch will darken also, rowan will get almost black and even brown mallee will get almost black, really dark brown. I have thought this solution is pretty much the same as steelwool & vinegar solution BUT...

I was able to get couple of nice young (only about 30 years old) oaks and I have been roughing them and making some NE bowls I'll microwave for our so called harvest festival. Yeasterday I had idea that I would like to have some ebonized NE bowls, would look good on our table... Guess what... That iron sulphate + water solution turns this oak BLUE! sapwood is nice, bright blue, darker brown areas are darker blue now. Has anyone else had this experience?

Jamie, would you like to have nice blue oak bowl, with NE? This one is really blue...

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