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Skew project *PIC*

Jim King
>The peice was made in six peices as you can see and when assembled makes a double bowl one on top of the other. Simple no shine finish. The wood is Dalmation Caspi and the peice assembled is 18 inches tall and 9.5 inches in dia.. I must admit it was the first time I ever sharpened a chisel on both sides, I actually fired a guy for doing that once. I never new what a skew was until yesterday. We call everything chisels "folmons" here as we never knew the English names. Sorry about the color varience in the photos, the sun was going down fast. This was made for a contest on another site that required that you only use one skew as the only tool to make the project. As my skew was a bit strange and being made out of a peice of pipe and an old wood rasp the first problem was getting my
strange skew approved but it made it.

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Skew project *PIC*
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