Turning Archive 2006

Hollow Form finished at Sophie's BBQ *PIC*

Ray Johnson
>I posted this on the flat side yesterday. Should have been done on the side.

This is a hollow form that Dave Smith and I turned at the BBQ. It is finished with Dave's brew of poly gel, BLO, and alcohol. It is very smooth - almost dropped it a few times because of that.

The wood came from some cherry I got from a friend several years ago. We started this turning at the BBQ two years ago. Due to most of my stuff being in storage last year, I couldn't find it. This year I was able to locate it.

I let Dave help a little bit on this. He wouldn't even let me use my own lathe. Actually he probably did 75% of it. Dave, I appreciate the help and guidance on this - you are a good teacher and friend.

This bowl will go to the couple that gave the wood to me. I think they will like it.

The square turning was done by Dave (without my help). The other turning was done by Dustmaker Mike.


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