Turning Archive 2006

Almost accident- always be careful

john lucas
>Last night I was cutting another piece of dogwood for my demo today. It was a 3" limb section. I've cut hundreds of these things for ornament balls. I always use a V block that fits in my miter slot on the bandsaw. This keeps the log from rolling. Anyway I started the cut and before I could blink it through the log, about 8" long up and hit me in the right cheek. Left a very tender area and a nasty looking scrape about 2" long.

I did have safety glasses. I wasn't tired, I wasn't rushing, I absolutely don't know why that was any different than all the other pieces I cut. The only thing I can figure was I was using a 1/2" 3 tooth blade. I've cut many limb sections with this but it must have been the hardness of the dogwood (seasoned, not green) and the courseness of the blade. I still don't know how it managed to go up and back to hit me in the face. The first thing I did after I realized it happened was to look at my fingers. All there. I do my very best to keep my hands out of line with the blade and I guess that paid off.

My friend Pat Matranga came by the symposium today and as soon as she saw me she said A piece of wood got away from you didn't it. Darn she's so smart.

I'm going to tell the folks at work that I got into a fight while in Nashville. Someone said woodturners suck and I had to defend our honor. The other guy looks worse than me. Don't want to admit that I did something stupid. Unfortunately it didn't improve my looks. :)

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