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The difference between skill and luck....

Dave Belser
>Two weeks ago I made a very special gift for a good friend's birthday. Over the last 2 years she has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, had her bladder removed, had a fake bladder, had that removed and now there are questionable lumps elsewhere.

So I "meditated" about her while making a small Mahogany box that I filled with other precious tiny turned things. I had the this idea in my mind for quite awhile before I decided to make it for her birthday.

It came out really good .

There were other woodworkers at her party and I got to talking to one of them about the box idea and how I was developing it etc. She insisted that I make her one so she could show it to one of her buyers. Needless to say I've been anxious to make another one!

So last weekend I took a shot at it but the shape just wasn't right and I messed up the nob/handle.

Today went much worse. I cracked the first one when I reverse chucked it. I blew the second one apart while scraping the bottom corner. Third one was looking real good until I got a little to deep while finishing the bottom and broke right through it.

I'd still be in front of the lathe trying again but I'm just getting tired and pissed off. Oh well. A least I'm getting really good at nailing the shape of the box.

Getting your head in the right space making one beautiful item is luck or a blessing, making 10 of them requires skill.

I'll keep working on the skill.

- Dave

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