Turning Archive 2006

Woodturning Techniques (on DIY), coupla Qs.

Rod Peterson -- Ormond Beach
>Any of you ever watch it? Dave Hout is the host. Since it's difficult for me to avoid watching anything that has to do with working wood, I don't know whether other people consider it worthwhile or not. However, there've been a couple of things bugging me for a while that perhaps someone might be able to help me with.

He did an episode once where he (and the student) made a lidded box with threads. The first time I watched it, my eyes sort of glazed over the micrometer cross-slide chuck holder attachment that he used (the subject of Question #2 shortly) and I didn't really grasp some of the other material. Also, this was pre-DVR for me.

The second and third time I watched it, I sort of fell asleep during the critical part (measuring for the diameter of the mortise in which the female threads are to be cut). The fourth (or fifth) time I watched it I finally stayed awake for the critical part, but it just seemed wrong (if you've seen it, you may know what I mean—if you haven't the explanation may be tough to follow). In the critical part, he used a dial caliper to measure the outside diameter of the male thread on the jar. He then used the caliper's inside jaws to mark the blank for the female threads. But that makes the inside diameter of the female threads the same as the outside diameter of the male threads, and in my pea brain, that doesn't work (think drill diameter necessary to tap for a given thread—has to be smaller than the nominal thread diameter).

Finally, I caught it again yesterday and I think I know what the problem is. I believe an edit was done eliminating a crucial adjustment that had to have been made to the caliper before scoring the blank. I could see that there was an editing discontinuity in the video, and I'll bet that some post production weenie utterly non-conversant in the mechanical arts cropped it out of there to meet time constraints, having no idea how critical that operation is to that task. Anyone else agree?

Question #2: where can one get that micrometer cross-slide chuck holder attachment (he used it on a Jet Mini)? And do you have to be Rockefeller to get one?



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