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OT - Trojan - long

Ron in Drums PA
>To start off, the problem was on a brand-new laptop and I was online for about 10 minutes before I had a firewall setup. I do not think there was any viruses, spyware or trojans on the system when it was delivered to me.

Since the laptop has a wireless connection, it was hooked up to the internet almost immediately. I logged onto iexplorer and downloaded firefox and installed it. Then in firefox, I checked a few other sites for some updates to some software I wanted to install. Then I installed the firewall. My big first mistake.

Since this is a new system there where nag screens popping up telling me about the software that came bundled. Most were letting me know they where there and telling me how many days I have left before I needed to purchase it. One of the nag screens was "WinAntiVirus Pro 2006". I wasn’t interested so I “x” out of the screen then another screen popped up for the same software and I “x” out again.

WinAntiVirus Pro 2006 is a rogue antivirus software that allows a handful of Trojans onto the system. This is the first problem that I picked up while I was on the internet. If you see a nag screen for this software pop up do a CTRL-ALT-DELETE and remove it from the Task manager. Any other way will install all kinds of nasty stuff. Within minutes I had 717 infections, most I didn’t know about for a few days. Between Norton, NOD32, Spybot, SpyWare Doctor, NOD32, McAfee, Ad-Aware and digging into the registry, I was able to remove 716 of them. Here is a link for some more info on WinAntiVirus Pro 2006

What I couldn’t get rid of was a Trojan called VUndo. Symantic and Nod32 have removal tools for this trojan that don’t work.

With the link a friend supplied me, I registered at tweaks.com and received help within 17 minutes, Over the next three hours we scrubbed my brand-new laptop. Here is a link to our conversation Tweaks.com

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