Turning Archive 2006

A friend in need ... * PIC*

Amy Rothberg
>Okay ... I knew it would have to be something really special to get me to post by first photo to this group but I really have to share this.

I have some very good friends who own a farmhouse in France (Provence) and each year I have the unbelievable good fortune to go there on vacation to take in the sun, Provencal food, Cotes du Rhone wine, and generally recharge my batteries. Since becoming addicted to woodturning about 3 years ago, I try to bring them a nice piece as a thank you. This year, I thought I'd turn a platter and try my hand at woodburning. Fairly ambitious since the sum total of my burning experience is fixing the gaps in my natural edge bowls but I had an ace up my sleeve. John Noffsinger is a good friend of mine (many of you know him from his Dorothy and Babe Ruth platters at the last two AAW Symposium exhibits) so I asked him to help me. John, of course, kept saying he would just do it for me but no, no, no ... I wanted to do it myself.

Well, the platter came out so nice that I didn't want to screw it up so common sense prevailed over ego and I gave John the platter with a photo of the farmhouse. I figure a collaboration with John Noffisnger is something any sane woodturner would jump at. What I got back just blew me away.

Here's a photo of the platter followed by the original photo of the farmhouse.


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