Turning Archive 2006

Almond HF with finial *PIC*

Colin Spencer
>This is my third attempt at a hollowform and is the smallest to date. It is 3" in diameter and 3" tall (without the finial) and made from a piece of Almond branch wood that has a couple of punky stripes in it as can be seen just to the left at the top. The finial was an offcut of pau rojo that has been ebonised with Chestnut ebonising spray. The hf is finished with 3 coats of Rustins danish oil and then buffed.

This was a practice piece but SWMBO liked it and has added it to her collection. I am not sure about the finial and feel that it may be a bit too heavy. I do like the contrast between the heart and the sap woods. What do you think? Any comments welcome.

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