Turning Archive 2006

A poll on gluing

>It's coming...in the past 24 hours it has made it from Long Island to Charlotte and will be at my doorstep in central GA when I get off work tomorrow. My first wood lathe is crated up and on the train to Dixie (it's an old Magna with me as the proud 2nd owner). As I am a poor mental healthcare worker for the state, and I have yet to impress my wife with my turning skills so that she loosens the purse strings, I am going to be turning on a faceplate for an undertermined length of time; eventually using the compression and longsworth chucks demonstrated in the articles here. For anyone else who started of this way, or still uses this method occassionally, what gluing method is best/preferred for gluing a turning blank to a sacrifice block screwed to a faceplate? Wood glue? CA glue? Hot Glue? Paper joint?
...or should I go ahead and pawn her engagement and wedding rings while she is pregnant and can't wear them so I can buy a serious chuck?

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