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Hey Devon Palmer

David Sophusson, Custer Wa
>I tried to send you the info for the replacement start capacitor for the mini lathes but your spam blocker won't let it go through and my firewall won't allow me to go to the site for approval. So here is the info that I sent.

Hi Devon,

You were asking about the start capacitor that I got to fix my Delta Midi. Sorry it took so long to get back to you but I've been a bit busy lately. Here is all the info from the packing list. They must sell a few of these things because they not only sell the capacitor but it also comes packed with a new cover. The new cap has the same ratings as the old ones and the length is the same but the diameter is bigger which explains the new cover that houses it.

DeWalt Service Center 171

2880W. Valley Hwy N. #101

Auburn, WA. 98001

PH. 253-333-8353
Fax 253-333-9613

PN# 900286 Black & Dec


Location: V31-J

$33.60 ea.

Becky ordered it on a Friday and it was here the following Monday. A little pricey but it works great without looking like it was jury rigged. It took about 15 minutes to cut and crimp all the wires and replace the cover.

Hope this helps.


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