Turning Archive 2006

Best Wood for Jam Chucks

Ron McKinley
>I like to turn lidded boxes and always need a jam chuck to finish the bottom of the base. What is the best wood for this purpose?

I've been using up a lot of "soft" hardwoods like Alder and Myrtle to hone my skills before I move up to exotics. Ray Key, in his box turning video set, recommends a wood softer than the material you're using. In the videos it looks like he uses Ash when turning Masur Birch boxes. Just read that Ash is getting scarce due to a beetle infestation.

I've tried face-grain pieces of Doug Fir cutoffs from 2" x 4"s but face grain doesn't seem to grip as well as scrap pieces of the same end-grain material I'm turning. If I laminate pieces of Doug Fir to get end-grain waste blocks do you think that would work better? Thanks for any help and or advice........Ron

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