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A head bonker.... *PIC*

Dave Belser
>Anyone have any experiences turning something like this?

Sorry for the crappy picture, I had the camera white balance set for florescent lights. I changed the white balance setting and then the batteries died. Went inside for more batteries and didn't have any charged.....

Anyway, this appears to be pine and was given to me as a "burl". I recently turned one of those bumps you find on pine trees and it just wasn't worth the effort. This lump is about the size of a large cantaloupe. The stick that it's growing on makes a good handle. You could give someone quite a headache with it!

If it looks anything like the pine lump inside it would probably be better to leave it as is. Hence the question what to make out of it and is it likely to have nice figure inside?

- Dave

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A head bonker.... *PIC*
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