Turning Archive 2006

Hard headed persitance

john lucas
>I'm sure someone else has done this. I started an off center piece that was supposed to go with another turning. I started it out without a drawing or even a really firm idea of what it would look like. So naturally as I proceeded I kept changing it slightly as the design emerged. It just wasn't looking right so I changed it more. I carved on it, put it back on the lathe, turned some more, carved some more, turned some more. I refused to give up on it even though it just wasn't working with the original piece.

Fortunately I finally decided that it would never look right so I tossed it. I feel silly for spending that much time on something. When I first saw that it wasn't going right I should have tossed it, grabed another piece of wood and started over. It's too easy to settle for a mediocre piece when you try to save a piece of wood.

I'll paraphrase John Jordan and Richard Raffin. Life's to short to waste time on a mediocre design. Sit down, think it over, make some sketches and you will probably come up with a decent design. At least that's how I hope it will work with this one.

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