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Cherry Bowl 1 *PIC*

Peter Hyde
>10'' x 3.5" Wipe On Poly, buffed and waxed. Last June I unwrapped this log from a poly bag. It was disgusting! Still soaking wet and rotten in a lot of places. I turned a bowl and had all sorts of problems with punk wood and cracks. I did a half-a***** job on it, turned it to about 1/2" thick, soaked it in polyurethane and tossed it in the scrap pile. Last week during a clean-up I found it and it sure had warped! So just to see if I could salvage something I re- chucked it and very gingerly trued it and turned all the cracks out of the rim. Unfortunately there were a couple of tool marks and some minor tears that wouldn't disappear. Turned down to 3/16" thick then wet sanded with a BLO/Varsol mix and then finished with Wipe on Poly and buffed and waxed.
Worth saving?
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Cherry Bowl 1 *PIC*
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