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Super Nova Chuck / Power Jaw Question

Wilford Bickel
>I picked up a used SuperNova Chuck with power jaws this past week. This chuck looked like it had never been used and I have discovered why! The chuck and insert are great but when I put the jaws on the runout was awful. I started hunting the cause and found out that on 2 of the jaws the curved bar on the bottom side is not sitting down in the curved slot on the jaw slide. My other set of power jaws and the regular jaws for my SuperNova2 chuck fit fine. I know that Teknatool says to use a block of wood and knock the jaws in initially if they bind but this is set is refusing to seat even with a light knock. (I don't want to beat it to death!!) As I have nothing to loose if these jaws don't work (I wanted the base chuck and the price was right!) what would happen if I took my dremel tool and a small grinding wheel and relieved the curved bar enough to allow it to sit down into the groove.

Any thoughts or ideas??


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Super Nova Chuck / Power Jaw Question
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