Turning Archive 2006

Stewart Mortimer Light (longish) *PIC*

Bruce Wiseman
>At the AAW I saw Stewart Mortimer do a hollow form demo where he rough shaped the outside, hollowed and sanded the inside and then using a bright light inside the form, brought the ouside to final shape. The first pic is borrowed from our clubs web site showing him using the light.

The second pic is my attemp to build this light. The only bulbs that I could find of reasonable size with high wattage (40-60w)were candelabra style bases. The base I got from the hardware store had open contact posts on top so I used a piece of plastic coffee can lid and electric tape to insulate the posts from contact.
This will fit into an opening of 1.5 inches and needs about 4 inches of depth. I am concerned about the rather delicate tip of the bulb being inside the form. For those who have seen Stewart's light up close or have made on of their own, what have you done?

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