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OT - Computer problem

Don Evans
>I have been on Woodcentral several years now, and it's ironic that the first question I ask doesn't pertain the wood working, for that, my appologies.
Here is my problem:
I'm using Roadrunner which has AP Video News on the home page.
These are FLV type files and my computer stopped playing them.
I have proven to myself that the computer is using the file extension associations to know what program to use for these files but problem is I don't know what to set that association too. It got changed somehow and I've tried associating wmplayer just to see what happens and when I click on one of the video wmplayer starts up but will not work due to file type.
My understanding is flv files use "macromedia flashplayer" which I can find several flash folders and macromedia folder but nothing in them appears to be an actual program I can associate.
Also, I'm still using win98se and when I say association, I'm talking about going to "start" "settings" "folder options" "file type" scanning the list and there will be one call "flv files".
If I'm right about the flash what is the name I should assocate there?
I did download flash 9 which may be a mistake due to win98.
Any help.

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