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Attention "Saw-Your-Own'ers"- got any tips?

Joe Hurst

I inserted a similar note on the main board, but because turning a chunk from the woodpile is easier than sawing and planing it into useable flat stock, I thought you might have some additional words of wisdom.

Basically, the story is about "sawing your own wood" (small scale). From a cost standpoint, I know that there's a real benefit to making/finding turning stock, but are there other tips that I can share that might sway turners who haven't yet looked to their own backyard?

-"Local exotics"? Are there any decorative trees that can be transformed into tasty turnings?

-"Choice cuts"? Is butt stock worth the grit and occasional pebble? How about hybrids? Has anyone tried turning a graft?

-"Finding figure"? I know it's a 1-in-100 shot, but are there tell-tale signs on the bark that indicate that there's something neat below the surface?

Whatever you can share would be appreciated. And if anyone happens to live in Minnesota, Illinois, WI, or Iowa, and is actively chewing through some choice logs, please email me direct...no guarantees, but I might be able to make you into a "star." (Note, small "s.")

Thanks in advance,
Joe Hurst-Wajszczuk

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Attention "Saw-Your-Own'ers"- got any tips?
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