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Make your own quick change sanding wheel

Dave Belser
>A while back ( ~ 3 months?) in a thread about sanding paper/disks etc. Someone stated that they had made a set of quick change hook & loop holders using Power-Lock sanding disks. For those that aren't familiar with the Power-Lock system, the disks are pretty rigid and have a plastic part on the back that snaps into a holder in your chuck.

I bought the starter kit a while ago, I also have a couple of the 2" Artisan holders from craft supplies. I much prefer the Artisan holders over the Power-Lock for any number of reasons I won't get into here.

The problem is that as the hook material wears, I've had to replace it on the two holders I have. The glue backing on the new hook material is very strong, but softens when the pad heats up. Also changing the disk all the time as I work thru the grades leads to having to discard a disk because the loop material has pulled off the back even thought the disk still has some life left in it.

So the benefits of a quick change system become apparent, the disk stays on the pad until the sandpaper is dead, because you are changing the pad when you change disks the pad doesn't heat up as much and has time to cool.

Being a Yankee (and broke), I have the parts from the Power-Lock (old disks and holder) and can afford to buy the hook material and buy or scrounge the foam, I'd like to make my own quick change set of holders.

The biggest question / looking for suggestions that I have is what to use for glue between the layers? I will need to glue foam to dead Power-Lock disk, and Velcro to foam. The disk needs to flex so the glue has to be flexible. Any ideas?

The other question is about the foam, I have some mouse pads that seem to be about right but are a little thin. What have other people use / any ideas on what to use?

I'll post a summary of this project when I'm done.

- Dave

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