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New JET 1642 update

Pete in Holland, MI
>New JET arrived by truck on Friday at work. Ordered from Toolnut the previous Tuesday! Lathe came packaged in a nice box in its own custom pallet. There was no damaage what so-ever to the shipment. Loaded it on to my trailer and headed for home. At 567 lbs shipping weight, there was no way the thing was coming off the trailer as a unit, so it was opened up and removed piece by piece. Legs were in their own styrofoam packed boxes, and bed/headstock/tailstock was bolted to the pallet with 2 lag bolts. I separated all pieces and hauled each piece down stairs to my shop, one at a time (one of the good reasons for having big teen age boys in the house). Lathe machined surfaces were covered with a preservative that was easily stripped with WD-40 during assembly. Assembly went smoothly.

This was the 2hp 240 volt model. It was provided with a 6' cord with no plug. Hating to use extension cords on my machines, I purchased 15' of new cord and replaced the original with the longer one and attached the plug of my choice. Lathe was plugged in and fired up nicely. I allowed the late to run for a few hours to allow things to break in and watched for warm bearings, which there were none.

Am currently awaiting an adapter for my Oneway chuck for the new spindle thread, then will commense the first turning project on the new machine.

My old machine was a JET1236. Served me well for 2 years, but outgrew its swing and lowest speed.

Learned something interesing during it's removal from my cool air conditioned basement: Hot humid weather we've been having recently, when the cold iron hit the humid air, within 15 minutes, there was rust forming on the raw surfaces. WD40 to the rescue.

More later....

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New JET 1642 update
Congrats Pete!!
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