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Sanding Stick

>When I was in Louisville, one of the new gizmos I saw in the trade show was a thing that you stick inside hollowforms to sand the insides of it. It was a great device that looked substantial and would really do a good job. When I looked at the price however, I just about died. I believe it was over $100! Well Friday I was working on a little hollow piece with a relatively large opening so I was determined to get the inside sanded well, but my fingers only reached in about 2/3rds of the way. So I took a piece of dowel and cut it on the bandsaw trying to copy the inside shape of the form, and made a little do-dad to use as a finger extension. After cutting it rounded it over on the belt sander to smooth out any rough spots. I then used a piece of double sided tape and stuck my sandpaper right to it. It worked perfectly. I'm sure it's been done a million times over, but thought I'd post a picture for those, like me....that these little light bulbs take a while to blink on :)....it's scary, I know...but when I'm in my shop and these obviously simple things pop into my head....I feel like a genius!


Thanks for looking,

Einstein :)

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