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Reminder 8th Annual PNW BBQ Aug 5th!

David Sophusson, Custer Wa
>Hi All,

Wow only one more week till the fun begins!

Remember this is open to everyone including you lurkers. Just a fun way to meet and put a face to the names we see everyday here on WC. Itís never too late to drop me a line if you think you want to attend. Iím located in Custer Wa. right off of I-5 less than 10 minutes from the Blaine border crossing. Remember this is going to be your last chance to do this here in our neck of the woods. As Becky and I will be retired and if things go according to plan we will be living 600 miles south of here on the Oregon coast, yippiee!

So here is whats happening so far.

Since we have the original Grizzly showroom here in town and Ellis hasnít had the chance to visit one yet he is going to stop by and check it out on the way to my place Friday afternoon. Steve Jenkins, Dustmaker Mike and I, maybe a couple of locals, and maybe Chico and Shaver are going to meet him there along with anyone else that wants to join us, always a good chance to spend a little money. ;-)

A few weeks ago some of you may have seen the pics JR (aka John Rutter) posted of his new shop. JR makes all the cabinet doors, like hundreds and hundreds, for a local cabinet maker here. His new shop is only about 10 minutes from my place and after talking to him the other day he has agreed to let us come tour it Saturday morning at 10:00. It should be interesting as he has some pretty nice machines in there.

Back yard guests will again be Dave Smith, Ray Johnson, and their lovely spouses Sandy and Judy. Dave and Ray, practice up on your backing up because this year I think Iíll just have you back in off the road to make life easier. I didnít realize when I planted the apple trees that it would make things so difficult for getting you parked in the back yard. Malcolm Timbers, I havenít heard back from you yet if your going to need a place to park?

Gary Camp, looks like you picked a good year to come as this will most likely be our last BBQ here. As things are looking now at this time next year Iíll be living in your state!

Jim Shaver and Chico, when you get your plan set let me know. If you canít get here Friday afternoon/night then try to be here as early as you can Saturday morning so you can make the tour with us. Oh Chico I almost forgot, that stuff you wanted me to order for you came awhile back. I'm hoping that on Friday night we can test out some of those goodies. I'm sure I can come up with a way to test one of your new Woodslicer bandsaw blades and those micro-plane ROS sanding disks look real interesting. Gee I hope you can make it here in time for the testing. ;-)

Barb S. and George, sounds like things have been pretty hot over on your side of the hump lately! I hope the fires arenít any threat to you! You know if you want to cool off a bit your always welcome here and being close to the water it is a bit cooler, canít wait to see you guyís again.

We got a new motor to replace the one that burned out last year on the rotisserie so that will make my job cooking the prim-rib a lot easier. And Iím welding up a better stand for the grate for cooking the salmon on so I wonít have to use the bricks anymore. Also I got a new recipe using alder planks to cook the salmon on that sounds delicious.

Well thatís it for now remember it isnít too late to sign up! Anyone that needs directions to my place give me a holler at dave.sophusson@alcoa.com


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