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Help need starting capacitor Delta Midi

David Sophusson, Custer Wa
>Hi All,

My grandson has been doing some turning on the lathe over the last few days and on Wed. night the starting capacitor let all the smoke out. Local motor shop said yeah we got some of the same value for 12 bucks. Sent Becky in yesterday to pick one up but the thing was huge, more than twice the size of the original and will no way fit under the cover on the motor. She went to another place and they said sorry none in stock but we can have one in about a week and a half. We spent a bunch of time last night googling but didnít come up with much other than Delta wants 40 bucks plus shipping for the capacitor or 92 bucks for a whole new motor. It was too late to call Delta last night and I doubt that they could get me a new one here in time for the PNW BBQ. Anyone here got any ideas where I could get one sorta in a hurry? I really donít want to tape a new one on the outside of the motor like the guy suggested to Becky yesterday the thing is about the size of a half stick of dynamite.....hmmmmm....naww....if it was Chicoís maybe. ;-)



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