Turning Archive 2006

Chef's present *PIC*

Dennis Yoder
>My wife and I experienced a most special dinner Monday nite.
It was to be our 25th celebration but it took 6 months to get
reservation. We dined at the Chef's Table at Victoria and Alberts
in the Grand Floridian resort in Walt Disneyworld. We were the only
dinners at a table in the kitchen of the resturant. The menu in the main dining area is 5 courses with your choice of several item in each course. We were given small samples of everything on the menu.
If I could only pronounce half the titles I would be doing good. Caviar, Fois Gras, "Kobe" tenderloin, salmon, flounder, etc.
The Chef came out to the table and would explain what the dish was
and how they prepared it. Service was flawless. Normally only the
servers are rewarded for their roles so I decided that since the Chef was the main player she deserved something also.
I made the set from Osage orange I received from David Ellsworth's woodpile during a class last fall. The triangular design is from a class by Cindy Drozda. The pepper mill in 14" tall. The salt shaker in 10" tall. The salt well is 5x3". All sanded to 1500 and watco'd then buffed. Thanks for looking. This is my second set and a lot of Christmas presents are on the list. Dennis Y

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