Turning Archive 2006

Vicmarc Chuck Failure --Follow Up

Donna Banfield
>Thanks to everyone who responded so quickly to my post.

I just got off the phone with John / Technical Support at Craft Supplies USA. He confirmed that there was a recall on some of the jaw slides for the Vicmarc 120. He explained that the jaw slides subject to the recall are black. So, for everyone else out there with this chuck, please double-check your jaw slides; if they are black where the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 appear, those may be defective.

Fortunately, my other Vicmarc chuck's slides are gun metal or metallic grey -- the same color as the rest of the chuck body.

Thank you again for everyone on Woodcentral and WoW for your help. Now I need to get to the post office to return the chuck to Craft Supplies for replacement jaw slides.

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