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Vicmarc Chuck Failure *PIC*

Donna Banfield
>Has this ever happened to you?

Last Thursday, I was taking a 17" core out of a maple blank. I was using the Oneway Coring System, the largest knife (rated for taking cores up to 17 1/2") with a brand new cutter. As I got to the very bottom of the core, the entire blank became dislodged. I did not get a catch.

I thought I broke the tenon -- it's happened before. I looked over the blank and saw that the tenon was still intact, and I had clean, solid contact with all points in the large dovetail jaws. My husband was observing, looked over the blank, and said, "You broke your jaws." I didn't believe him. I pulled the knife out of the way, and removed the blank from the jaws, and saw he was right.

Two of the four jaw slides of my Vicmarc 120 had sheared apart. Fortunately, I had a second Vicmar 120 chuck, so was able to complete the work for that day. I checked the Vicmarc website, and didn't see replacement slides as an accessory, so I sent them an email, with two photos attached, inquirng whether it was possible to replace all four jaw slides. That was Saturday or Sunday morning. I haven't heard anything from them.

Up to this point I have been very pleased with this premium chuck, and have no intention of "chucking" it (pun intended), if I don't have to. The chuck and jaw slides are either 2 or 3 years old; I used both chucks frequently, so I have no way of telling which of the two is older. They were both purchased from Craft Supplies.

Anyone have ideas?

And if the photo posted here is poor, or too small, please be patient. I'm really trying to figure out this digital pixel and size thing.

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