Turning Archive 2006


Ellis Walentine
>Last night, after a pleasant hour or two of turning and puttering in my shop, I thought about how sporadic and unpredictable my shop time has been in recent years. Ever since woodworking ceased being my full-time occupation, my shop time has been determined by all the rest of the things going on in my life. Occasionally, there have been paying jobs that required a fair amount of dedicated time, but, for the most part, I've had to wedge quality shop time into ever smaller holes in my schedule.

So, for this month's Ides Survey, I thought I would ask the following question: "How do you fit your woodworking activity into the rest of your life?" Your answers might include the kind of stuff you make/do in the shop, how much "free" time you have for anything besides work and chores, how much time you spend every week in the shop, etc.

As usual, we will harvest your answers, distill them to their bare essence and send them off to our friends at Woodworker West magazine for the next installment of "News & Views From Woodcentral.com," a regular feature of this great little bi-monthly magazine, which chronicles woodworking on the Left Coast of the US.

I look forward to your replies. Better hurry though, as this issue's survey is woefully late. (I gotta stop going to so many picnics and woodworking functions. :-)

Thanks for participating!

Ellis Walentine, Host

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