Turning Archive 2006

Indy FallFest

Ray Thompson - Middletown,IN
>Things are beginning to come together for the Indy FallFest on October 7th. We will get started for the early birds on Friday October 6th sometime in the afternoon say 3-4 o'clock and run until oh say 10-11 in the evening. We will have something to eat for the evening meal on Friday (TBD). On Saturday we will get started about 8 or so and run until the last dog falls over. We will provide meals at noon and dinner (figure leftovers+) and there will be a fire at dark for all the lia.... ah storytellers present. Anyone who stays over on Saturday night and wants to visit or finish anything on Sunday is welcome. Maybe we can meet for breakfast for those who stay over. Instead of putting out a kitty I think we will ask everyone 12 and over to contribute $15 for food, it will make planning so much easier.

At this point we have 6 (probably more) lathes lined up for demos and such. Jennifer Shirley will be the coordinator for the turning demos, so anyone who wants to demo, or, if someone wants a demo on anything contact Jen. There are already some excellent folks lined up. She will also work with the local motels and try to set up some discounts for anyone traveling. Also, for the campers we have plenty of room to setup about any size camper. We can probably get power to a few units (first come basis) but for the most part it will be primitive.

We are working on a collaborative lathe event and auction Saturday evening with proceeds going to WoodCentral so bring cash. Details to follow, but I think Jen has come up with a great idea.

New this year will be a vendor area. We are thinking of the smaller businessperson who cannot afford the large shows but still wants an outlet for their wares. (Although we would not kick out one of the big guys) There will be no fees but each vendor will be responsible for their own area. (Tents, tables, etc.)

Flatworkers are by no means excluded but we need some ideas for some demos and/or an event. Maybe french polishing or hand cut dovetails or ????.

More to come, contact Jen or myself with all your good ideas. Well, even if it sounded good at the time.



P.S. As soon as I get with Terry Quiram and get him conned.. er , roped.... what I mean is if he volunteers for some of the events we will add him to the list.

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