Turning Archive 2006

kind of people turners are

Darryl Hansen
>Thought I'd share this with you. At the AAW symposium I bought an item from one of the vendors. Another individual was just ahead of me and bought the same thing. Next evening I received a call in my room. Seems another vendor found a bag with the item in it. The caller was the first vendor. She had checked the sales and credit card for the item, found my room at Gault and called to see if it item that had been found was mine.. . it wasn't I had mine. She then asked if I could remember who was ahead of me. She could not find his room since he was not registered at any of the hotels being used. To make a long story short they did finally find the other purchaser but it took several days and considerable effort on their part. Either the finding vendor or the seller could have just kept the item (cost a bit less than $100) and resold it or kept it. . neither did. By the way the Vendor who did the hunting was
Binh D Pho's wife. I don't know who the vendoer was who found the item. Just reinforces my feeling about the individuals who practice this hobby...

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