Turning Archive 2006

Hollw form -form practice *PIC*

George Van
>I decided to use roughing as a practice session rather than get it over quickly. I roughed this last night, 6x7 white birch burl, going more slowly, removing frequently, and paying close attention to the upper and lower curves as suggested by Wally. I developed the upper first, removing the bark inclusions. I then established the bottom, shooting for a final finished foot of 2 or less. I then blended the two at the shoulder trying to keep some fullness to the form rather than a more straight line curve. It did not come out exactly as I had sketched; as I had to remove more bark than I thought was present so some plumpness was lost. When dry and finish turned the top will be a natural collar separated from the body by a fillet. I chose not to remove all the bark inclusion as I felt the form would become too narrow, would you agree or would you have removed the inclusion, not knowing how deep it would go?

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