Turning Archive 2006

I'm thinking of building a rubber room.....

Dave Belser
>. . . with my buffing wheel sticking through a hole in the wall!

I use the Beal 3 on lathe wheel set and I can't tell you how many times I've had a piece ripped out of my hand and slammed into the lathe bed and then the cement wall behind. This must be one of those things most of us experience on occasion.

I'm getting better at it. Tonight it was just a mahogany top so I didn't have a lot of time into it. I've also learned a neat trick that may or may not be common knowledge. If you have a dent or crushed spot, get it very wet and then apply heat from an iron. I use a hobby iron left over from when I built RC planes it's used to iron on the heat shrink covering. I set it at it's highest. The water should sizzle and steam out, but don't burn the wood.

I'm always amazed at how well this works on removing dents. It can take *many* cycles of wet and iron, but I have managed to coax some very serious dents out, to the point where they disappear. As long as the wood fibers are still intact, in other words no missing wood.

On the other hand, that rubber room might be useful when I need to settle down :)

- Dave

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