Turning Archive 2006

Five Barns - Tool Lost and Found?

William Duffield, on the Cohansey
>I lost a bottle stopper mandrel yesterday afternoon. Best guess is it accidentally got put away in the wrong tool bag, or somewhere else in Bill's shop, or it's under a bunch of curly shavings. Anyone seen it? 3/8" dia. 5" long, one end ground kind of like a spur center, marked "HSS Made in China". We were using it on the JET Mini, installed in a Jacob's chuck.

If you find it, and you can use it, keep it, with my compliments. If you don't turn stoppers, tool handles, etc., and you can't use it, find another turner who will be able to use it, or mail it back to me. Just don't throw it away. I'll order another hardened drill blank from MSC (part # 01100247) and make myself another one.

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