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5 Barns Picture Call

Ron in Drums PA
>Back in April, I gathered almost 200 photos from Terry's D's "Georgia Gathering" and posted them for all to see at WC Photos

I'd like to do the same for Bill G's 5 Barns Picnic.

So, if you haves jpegs that you would like me to include in a photo album, all you need to do is send them to me at Ron Sardo and I'll do the rest

A couple of notes that would make it a little easier for me.
1) Everybody likes to know who people are in the photos. The software I use takes the jpg name and converts it to a title. So, if you have a picture of Dom and Ruth and the file name is DNS0001243.JPG rename it to Dom_and_ Ruth.jpg.

2) If you want a caption under the photo, inculde the text in a email that looks something like this:
DSN00321.JPG, This is William turning a bottle stopper.
Moses.JPG, This is Moses sharpening a saw blade

3) Don't worry about file size, I'll take care of that on my end. My email can handle large volumes of photos in one email, so don't worry about that either, you won't clog my system. But if you want, I can email you an address where you can FTP zipped files. Sometimes this is allot easier than email, and very simple to use, especially with large files.

4) Once I have the photo album complete, I'll post a url and ask if anyone would like a copy for their private use.

Thanks for your assistance
Ron Sardo

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5 Barns Picture Call
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Thanks Mike *NM*
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