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Dave Hout at GAW meeting

john Lucas
>Looks like I'm going to have a lot of reading to do when I get home. I was reminded of the Georgia Association meeting before I left (thanks harvey) so I went last night. Dave Hout(sp) was thier demonstrater and he demo'd the Hout bowl skew. it's an interesting tool. It's use is very similar in use to the way some people use a spindle gouge inside a bowl but less likely to catch. Dave said it is because the tool is rectangular instead of round and it sits flat on one side. This keeps it oriented correctly for the cut. I'll admit I'm one of the people who didn't see a need for this tool but now I will go home and make one and really learn the differences. I'll report what I've learned of course.

The GAW is a great group of people and I always enjoy seeing the members I know and meeting new ones. My friend Nick Cook was there and it's always good to see Nick. Hope you all are having fun. I've ridden 55 miles on the bike, played 18 holes of golf and completely tuned up my dad's new radial arm saw. man the guy that owned that must have been one heck of an interesting woodworker. The fence was off over 1/4" on a 10" cut and the board he was using for a fence was bowed almost 1/4" along it's length. It's singing now though, took me most of the day to align everything.

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