Turning Archive 2006

Elbow Hollowing Rig

>Anybody purchase this rig at AAW in Louisville? I got one and like most things about it. But there are a couple of problems I have. It is designed to attach to the tail stock quill; so, right off the bat, there is a limitation on height of vessel because the tail stock must be on the lathe, thereby crowding a tall vessel. Also, the clamp that attaches to the tail stock quill is not a precision device, so there can be problems getting the cutter tip precisely at the center line of the lathe. And there is no mechanism for adjusting the height of the rig. The Elbow guy (Stanley) sells an attachment that addresses both problems, but it's an extra $55. about a 25% add on. Kind of high. A fellow turner at my club made the obvious tail stock replacement with a height adjustment for his Elbow, but he is a Mercedes auto mechanic with a shop full of metal working tools. I suppose I could ask him to make me one, but it would probably cost at least $55. I may go for it, but you would think that the Elbow people would have included it as standard equipment. I can return the thing for a full refund, but, as I have said, I like most aspects of the tool. Any suggestions?

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