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Historic 350 Year Old White Ash *PIC*

Steve S.
>I am looking for a woodturner with a VB36 Lathe that would like to have an opportunity at creating a large bowl with this once in a lifetime beauty. After talking with a well known turner I have been told that the only lathe that could handle this is a VB36. Also the turner
said that I should post this story on Wood Central so here goes.

This is for a public elementary school that lost the tree as it was a danger to the children and was dying and in very bad condition. I am a parent of 2 children that go to the school and I have created "The White Ash Project" As follows is the background on the project.
Keep in mind the log sections that are left are whole and are about 5' in length.

Anyone that is interested please contact me by email with your phone number so that way we can discuss all the details by phone. In advance I thank everyone for their time.

Steven S.
Email: outline@optonline.net


On November 2005 Steven S’s two children came home from school very upset saying that “The Big Tree” is coming down. “Dad You have to do something”

After talking with the the principal at the school Steven S. realized that the parents
needed to get an outside opinion. I felt that if the outside person agreed with
the town. Then there would be no questions at all.

About 1 week goes by Steven S. calls all over the country and the same
name keeps coming up. Mr. K. who is an Arborist and expert on saving old trees. After a long inspection Mr. K agreed with the town that it must come down. After some research Mr. K. felt the tree was at least 350 Years Old.

Now Steven S. comes up with a crazy idea. “We can’t take this Old Tree down and send it through the “Chipper”. Many years ago Steven S. meet the world renowned Woodworker George Nakashima and his daughter Mira. He thought who else better to come up with a piece of furniture than Nakashima. So within 48 hours before the tree is going to be cut down Steven S. gets in contact with Mira Nakashima and explains his crazy idea. Nakashima explains the steps involved and who to call.

Steven S. contacts the Sawyer John K. who works very closely with Nakashima and explained to the tree crew on how to cut the tree. Well the town was great. They ended up leaving a log that measured approximately 15’ long and the town was so supportive that Bob B. and his team at Public Works trucked the Big Log to John K.

Mira Nakashima and John K. decided on how to go about cutting this log. The best way to describe this process is they have one shot at this. It is like cutting a geode rock or diamond you have no idea until you see inside.

On April 8, 2006 John K. began to trim sections of the log away until it became solid with no signs of decay. On April 22, 2006 John K. and his team began to slice the log the “long Way” to Mira Nakashima’s specifications. The slices are cut and now the waiting game begins the wood will now dry for 2 to 3 years it is a very slow process. Steven S. feels that it is worth the wait. As the School will be able to welcome back the Great Old White Ash Tree in it’s new form. As a beautiful table made by Mira Nakashima. The table will be placed in the Library at the School where it will spend another 350 years.

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Historic 350 Year Old White Ash *PIC*
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