Turning Archive 2006

Cheap(er) wheels for a bowl steady tip

Barry Irby
>I am trying to make a bowl steady. Just thought I would post a tip on how to get cheaper wheels. I tried buying Rollerblade wheels and bearings and found them to be pretty expensive. The wheels cam in sets of four and were $20 to $30. The bearings came in sets with enough to do eight wheels were $30 to $50. They may have been cheaper on line, but I'm old fashioned and wanted to go put my hands on them. Anyway, I went to a used sporting goods store and looked at them. While there I decided to look at used skates. Bought a pair of Nike's that apparently had very little use. $25 Such a deal! Eight wheels with bearings and I get the "axles" and the inserts that go into the frames. I am eyeballing the frames also. Might be able to cut them up and make supports for the wheels.

Locally, the store was called "Play It Again Sports". (Not affiliated, etc.) You might also try Goodwill, Etc.

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