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Reminder 8th Annual PNW BBQ Aug 5th!

David Sophusson, Custer Wa
>Hi All,

Well this shindig is getting closer! Ok time for some good news and some bad news. Good news is that although I havenít had much feed back for who is coming this year but the whoís that I do know of are some pretty great folks!

Since we have the original Grizzly showroom here in town and Ellis hasnít had the chance to visit one yet he is going to stop by and check it out on the way to my place Friday afternoon. Steve Jenkins and I are going to meet him there along with anyone else that wants to join us, always a good chance to spend a little money. Dustmaker Mike will you be here early enough to join us?

Back yard guests will again be Dave Smith, Ray Johnson, and their lovely spouses Sandy and Judy. Dave and Ray, practice up on your backing up because this year I think Iíll just have you back in off the road to make life easier. I didnít realize when I planted the apple trees that it would make things so difficult for getting you parked in the back yard. Malcolm Timbers, I havenít heard back from you yet if your going to need a place to park?

Jim Shaver and Chico, when you get your plan set let me know. If you canít get here Friday afternoon/night then try to be here as early as you can Saturday morning. Iím working on a local tour at about 10:00 Saturday morning.

Michael Dresdner, any chance we can talk you into coming again this year? Ellis said he is going to bring his guitar and was wondering if anyone else that plays was coming and youíre the only one that has a good bit of talent in that area. Ellis maybe you can twist his arm a little. :-)

Barb S. and George, if I get this tour thing worked out is there any chance you could meet us in Bellingham Saturday morning? BTW our property deal over on your side of the hump fell through when the guy backed out at the last moment. Donít think he realized the consequences when he wanted to play dirty, more on that when you get here. Anyway when one door closes another one opens.

Ok so now for the bad news sorta. This is probably going to be our last gathering here. Knock on wood and if everything goes right Becky and I are working right now on purchasing our retirement home 600 miles south of here on the Rogue River. Becky gets her beautiful view and I get a shop even bigger than what I have now with heat and a half bath! And the guy is even going to through in his air compressor to boot! So anyway since I donít retire till the end of August 2007 we wonít be settled into any one place so the bbq will have to wait until the following year that is if anyone wants to come.

Well thatís it for now. Anyone that need directions to my place give me a holler at dave.sophusson@alcoa.com


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Reminder 8th Annual PNW BBQ Aug 5th!
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