Turning Archive 2006

Better than a turning smock (in warm weather) *LINK*

Devon Palmer

With the heat of summer, I've been looking for alternatives to hot turning smocks (even the AAW one, as great as it is, can be a little warm in "layers") and I stumbled across this lycra "like" material from Underarmor that actually works to draw moisture away from your body and cool you. I would say wearing this shirt is actually cooler than wearing no shirt at all, and the best part is, woodchips don't stick to it. If you get the "compression" version, it stays tight enough so that the woodchips don't get underneath of it as well. The only downside is the fact that its form fitting, and at my age, lycra is rarely flattering LOL. (Luckily the dog doesn't mind) But, since there's no flopping fabric, its less likely to get caught on something spinning.

I got mine at Dicks Sporting goods. Was a life saver the other day when I was out in the 100 degree heat harvesting trees.

- Devon

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