Turning Archive 2006

Super Nova 2 Chuck Problem

Barry Turner
>I bought a new Super Nova 2 at the Symposium in Louisville. I used it to turn a bowl Saturday. With a wood worm screw held in the jaws, I mounted a blank to rough the outside of a bowl. When I had finished turning the outside of the bowl, I noticed a slight wobble, not just in the bowl, but the bowl and the chuck were both wobbling. I switched the blank and wood worm screw to my old Super Nova chuck and there was no noticeable wobble at all. The threaded insert in the new chuck does not seat all the way into the chuck body. There is about an eighth inch gap between the hex head of the adapter and the chuck body. I think herein lies the problem. I have been in contact with Teknatool and they have been very helpful and also very concerned. I love the chuck and believe it is a vast improvement over the old Super Nova, but a new chuck should not have a wobble/ runout problem. I wonder, has anyone else had this problem with this chuck?

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