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Dirt track Racing, not totally OT

Barry Irby
>My Cousin and her husband own a nationally ranked flat track or Dirt track motor cycle racing team. Factory sponsored and the whole bit. Travel far and wide to race. I finally went to one. I was sitting the pit, and happened to see the driver getting set up for the race. Now for the wood turning part.

He applied a number of clear plastic strips over his face shield on his helmet. During the race, any racer that gets dirt on the face shield reaches up and tears one off so they can see. They put on as many as they think they need.

I brought a few home to try on the face shield I wear at the lathe. These are "SuperThins" and appear crystal clear. They may just cling to the face shield. If not, a small piece of tape will hold them. I'm thinking this will be good for the sap and CA I seem to get all over the Face Shield. If this turns out to be good idea it might be something a turning club could do. Buy a box and share. I don't know what quantities the company sells, but the racers had them by the gross or more. Obviously I have not checked yet, but they don't look expensive.

Manufactured by: Rose Racing Products, Inc. @ www.superthins.com.

Not affiliated, etc, just thought I'd share the idea. Now that I have posted this, I think I'll go look them up on the web.

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Dirt track Racing, not totally OT
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Thx Barry
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