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Visit to Craft Supplies & Treeline

Jake Niedling
>I just got back today from a week long business trip to Phoenix, AZ and Provo, UT. Luckily, Craft Supplies & Treeline was about 1 mile away from my hotel in Provo, so I made a visit before I left town yesterday. Both places were very friendly and helpful. Gave me a tour of their business and turning classroom. Bought a little wood and some Pyro pens. Treeline let me play with all the different tips so I could decide what to buy. Bought one of their, ultra fine writing pens along with a pen that you can put your own wire on it to design your own shape. The area is beautiful with the mountains in the background. It was only around 102 degrees while I was there, but enjoyed it.

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Visit to Craft Supplies & Treeline
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