Turning Archive 2006

What a loooooong weekend!

Charlie Anderson
>Some of you may have seen that I'm waiting the delivery of new Powermatic 3520. Well, it arrived Thursday. Estes Trucking insisted it deliver it using a 45 foot 18 wheeler. No way would that get down my driveway, so I arranged with a local garage to have Estes put it on their flatbed wrecker. It was then delivered to my house and the wrecker was able to set it down inside my garage. Very nice.

A friend who's helping me set it up came by to look how we would handle the weight. I forgot to mention I also borrowed a 2 ton engine lift from the garage. To be safe we want to use good slings so my friend was to check them out of his company's toolcrib.

He did that Friday and said I should let him know when I was ready. My shop was a mess and I had an 'order' from my wife for 4 bowls and 10 pens to take as 'thank you' gifts on her trip to Turkey nest week.
I finished those up and cleaned the shop. I did such a good job, even Mike Schwing might have approved. I converted one of my circuits to 220 and now I was ready it was only 2 pm Friday.

Got in touch with my friend and he said he'd check with his family to see what was happening and get back with me. I finally called him at 3 pm Sat to see what was happening. He said 'mid afternoon Sunday'.

So Mr Mustard sits unassembled in the garage. That's why it's been such a loooong weekend.

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