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OT: More Digital Photography questions

steve antonucci
>I got some good good advice on editing programs, but now comes the really hard stuff...

I own a Hasselblad and I used to shoot with it frequently. I have a bazillion slides that I would pick through and potentially scan into digital images.

So far, I've found a service that will do 4000 DPI scans at $6/ea. The resulting file is 600MB, give or take. Why would you want that much information, you say? I've projected these slides on the back wall of my living room at 8' x 8', with no grain- that's why!

So here come the hard questions:

1.) Has anyone tried working with large files in GIMP? Is there a limitation to practical file size?

2.) At $6/ea, I will chose my images sparingly. Anyone know of a better deal?

3.) If GIMP isn't viable, do I need a mega-Workstation to be able to handle this sized file? I have a feeling I know the answer to this one...


Who is thinking of shooting with the Hassy again and "stitching" digitals together to make a VERY LARGE IMAGE...

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