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AAW Auction Donation *PIC*

>Hi Everyone,

Here's a picture of the piece that I donated to the AAW Auction in Louisville. I called it "Roads to Nowhere". I came up with the name as I was filling out the donation sheet! Ha!...I have a hard time "naming" my work....as I leave that for the "artists" to do :)..but there was a blank for TITLE, so I did. The picture is horrendous...it was a quickie job taken literally on my way out the door en route to the symposium.

It's a pattern I've been having some fun playing around with. It's about 7" diameter on cherry. My donation to the WOW exchange was almost exact to this one only about 4" diameter. I never did take a picture of the little one...as I finished it while on the road traveling around Kentucky prior to the symposium. Richard...if you ever get a chance to photograph it I'd love a copy..please :)

Thanks for looking....comments/critiques always welcome.


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