Turning Archive 2006

Twice turned bowls

RP Edington
>I just got my Easy-Core. It works well. I had several walnut logs that I wanted to make nested bowl sets from.
The coring went well. I put them in bags and weighed them in grams. As the weight loss slowed or stopped I decided to turn a set of them.
I mounted the bowl on the 3520a and realized I was going to have to turn these bowls backwards from my normal method.
I usually use a faceplate and turn the outside to final with a fixing, reverse and hollow out and sand to final, reverse on a longworth chuck and cut off the fixing and final the bottom.
Well, now I can't hardly turn the outside from left to right (from the base to the rim) with the bowl in the chuck on these cored bowls. I act like I've never had a lathe tool in my hand before. It is like riding a bicycle with your arms crossed! It is okay until you have to make a turn!
Is this something I'm gonna have work through? Or am I doing something wrong?


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