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Carole- gluing ebony *PIC*

Bill Stehman
After reading your post about gluing ebony I pondered a bit as I have done multi colored finials gluing end grain to end grain using ebony and holly for eons but mostly just the tips. So.... I thought I would try your application this afternoon I glued some ebony to some maple using titebond and then holly to that using thick CA. Clamped for two hours then used the tail stock for support until I got it round. No failures. Both will work just fine.
I believe KC said he had failures with titebond II however, that never dies hard and is made for wood movement in wet areas for cabinets... been there done that. End grain to end grain works for your application.
You mentioned using oak, my saws leave oak end grain cuts very glossy and I would hesitate using only the saw cuts for joints... just some suggestions... have fun it will work. ( sorry for the messy glue table but this did not warrant a great pic or cleaning up...... chuckle)


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Carole- gluing ebony *PIC*
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