Turning Archive 2006

Symposium 2006 *LINK* *PIC*

Dave Peebles Lyons, Ohio!
>As some of you remember I had posted earlier that I had lost all my pictures from the 2006 Symposium. I received many helpful suggestions on how I might be able to recover them. Many thanks to all who tried to help me out.

But no one suggested what the real problem was...Some dummy forgot to check the hard drive on his computer. :) I was pretty beat when I got home and totally forgot that I had downloaded all the pics to the hard drive. I am feeling pretty silly right now, but I am thrilled to have them back.

Anyhow, I got them loaded to the website yesterday. I still need to expand on the text, but the pics are loaded. So if anyone would like to take a look, the link is below.

I also decided to post a pic of our fearless leader from the lunch we had on Friday.


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