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2006 Turning Events Critique Poll

>There have been a good number of learning opportunities this year. In the Southeast alone there have been a lot symposiums and I know there have been many others in other parts of our country. Some of the things I have seen or heard are these:

Provo was good, classes were appropriately sized, good demonstrators, etc. Our club had 7 members there and they all had good words about it. The only negative I have heard is the lack of vendor participation.

AAW National. The exact opposite of Provo. Actually the only good things I have heard were the vendor areas, the Instant Gallery, the Auction, and the critique.

Souther States Symposium. I skipped this year. Members of our club and some from WC who attended did not think it was as good as previous years. The most common complaint I have heard was with the line-up of demos. The noise factor kept many away from the SSS though I did hear it was better than last year.

My question is: are you getting what you want when you go to the various symposiums? Is there something that would make you like them better? Is there something that prevents you from going?

I only mentioned a few events here but the rest can be included also.

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